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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not so different from the S4, at least in terms of looks but that certainly doesn’t make it a bad phone.  In fact the only phone in its class that’s possibly better is the LG G3.  The S5 only falls short in a few places, and most notably the way it looks.  The S5 is an ugly looking phone, with its plastic backing, large bezels, and gaudy heart rate sensor it won’t be winning any beauty contests.  There are however some good things that go along with the ugliness.  For instance, because of the plastic backing the S5 has a removable battery and expandable memory, something that the iPhone 5, and HTC one M7 do not have.  Also, because of the thick bezels along the screen this should improve durability when the phone is dropped and help prevent screen cracking.  This will be a definite plus for people who don’t like having a case.

The heartrate sensor on the back of the phone works fine, but it’s definitely not spectacular enough to make anyone buy the phone because of it.  This is also the case with the fingerprint scanner, which ends up being an annoying hassle that no one will actually use to unlock their phone.  Since we’re on the subject of useless features there are plenty more in Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.  One feature that sounds nice but you will never use is the MyMagazine app which is similar to Flipboard, but not as good.

There are plenty of useful features that come on the S5 as well though.  One of these is the download booster which uses the phone’s WiFi and mobile network simultaneously to speed up large downloads.  Another useful feature is the IR blaster which allows the user to control TVs and set-top boxes.

As far as software and battery life go the Galaxy S5 is fairly average.  The battery life is good and will last most users throughout the day, but it can’t quite keep up with the LG G3.  The software is bright and vibrant, and it looks great on the 5.1 inch super amoled display.  To keep the lag away the S5 boasts a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and 2 gigs of ram which is almost enough.  There is still some lag on occasion but it is nothing that will make you throw the phone on the floor.

The camera on the S5 is a real strong point.  With 16 megapixels and nice image processing software it takes good pictures in all lighting conditions.  There are also lots of different settings so you can customize the picture taking experience just the way you want it.  The camera also takes great video but you will be let down by the sound quality if you play the videos back on the phone.  The speakers just can’t compare to the HTC one M7.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will make a lot of people very happy with its feature packed software and great camera.  As long as you don’t mind looking at a slightly ugly phone you will love the S5.

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