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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been called Samsung’s beautiful, most luxurious phone yet. While we find that to be a bit of a stretch considering the max screen resolution is 1280×720 and lack of a microSD slot. Given that most phones priced as this one are come with a true 1080p HD display, we can’t call it the “most” anything. It’s simply not. All of that said – it is a great device and it’s metal frame gives a a solid and powerful feel. The phone is light and feels great in your hands because of it’s metal frame and even weighs in about a half ounce lighter than the iPhone 6. The Galaxy Alpha packs that 4.7 inch metal frame body with an octa-core processor, Android KitKat, a great camera, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate scanner and much more. Unfortunately this device is being priced as a high-end device but doesn’t have the same set of hardware and features that you get with the flagship Galaxy S5, but comes with a similar price tag.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have an “octa-core” processor which is misleading. It’s actually 2 quad-core processes, each clocked at a different speed. There is a 1.3GHz that is used for basic tasks and the second processor is clocked at 1.8GHz and is utilized when more power is required. Sadly – it will never fire on all eight cores at the same time but even so when benchmarked narrowly beats out the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3. The US variant of the Galaxy Alpha will have the Snapdragon 801 quad-core clocked at 2.5GHz that you see in many other (high-end) devices.

Samsung managed to get a lot of things right on the Galaxy Alpha that they got wrong or chose to another way with the Galaxy S5. As we mentioned earlier it’s packed with some pretty nice hardware, including a nice camera – it lacks where other devices are really starting to excel – it’s screen which for many will be a serious letdown. If you like to store a lot of your media on your device and not in the cloud the lack of a microSD slot is also a turnoff for this device. If you really have to have a metal Android phone – the HTC One M8 might be a better choice for the money.

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