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Newer Is Not Necessarily Better

Though the days of the LG G3 seem numbered with the release of the next generation G4, the former still has plenty to offer the smart phone consumer concerned with having the best product money can buy.  Since many of the features in the G4 are holdovers from the G3, never was that phrase more apropos.  Obviously, the G4 will have a few more gadgets one would expect from a newer model.  Regardless the G3 retains many of the things that everyone from the casual user to the techie who demands their phone be able to take pictures on par with the most advanced stand alone cameras wants from smart phones these days, and for less money.  Therefore, before rushing to the store and shelling out hard earned cash for the newcomer, give the LG G3 some consideration.

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Technology that Stands the Test of Time

The most outstanding part initiated by the LG G3 was the density of its pixilation, the best on the market.  Yes, a phone’s ability to make calls has become secondary to whether or not you can count the hairs on the characters filling our handheld screens while watching videos.  But the power of the G3 does not end with its stunning display.  It also processes information at a dizzying speed, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocking in at 2.5Ghz.  One might worry that all that lightning fast computing and amazing HD displaying would tax the battery, making it last roughly as long as it takes to read this sentence.  However, the phone can last for days, and if you do manage to exhaust its energy supplies without a place to recharge it, it allows for the battery to be removed and replaced by a spare (not something that most smart phones, like the iPhone, do).  Finally, its camera comes with a laser focuser, which zooms in rapidly without having to wait too long for the digital filters to catch up.


A Smart Buy

Smart phones are expensive.  While cell phone companies certainly want us to buy their shiny new products and pay top dollar for them, they also are not eager to see all of their previous generation models end up in land fills.  The fact that they are desirous to sell all their products, new and old, works to the advantage of the consumer looking to save money but also wanting a phone that will stand up to modern standards.  By every measurable category of analysis, the LG G3 holds its own to its competition, both from outside companies like Apple and Samsung and its own successor.  It is large, fitting with the trends for phones lately; it takes great pictures; and will last a long time, whether judged by its battery life or the durability of its metal frame.  If you can live without the supposed necessity of having the newest piece of technology, then you could do a whole lot worse than the LG G3.

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