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Unlock HTC One M9

Unlock HTC One M9


Aesthetic Design

The HTC One M9 has a sleek design that is still functional for users. It has been anodized not once, but twice in order to achieve the premium metallic look that catches your eye, and captures the light perfectly. It has a curve that is incredibly subtle, but feels better in your hand, which is perfect for those who find themselves working on their phones for much of the day. It is thinner than thin, being on .37 of an inch thick, and 2.7 inches wide, making it light weight and easily transported.


It has a 5 inch screen for maximum viewing, with little framing around it, keeping your focus on the screen, not what is around it. You can change the theme displayed on your phone, matching your personality and your interests better. The HTC One M9 comes in multiple colors, including black on black, and silver with a copper trim.


Technical Features

The HTC One M9 is visually striking, but also has a strong set of features that allow it to be practical as well. The home screen will change what it shows you depending on your physical location, determined by its state of the art GPS technology. The phone will remember what apps you use the most at particular locations, and show you those apps when you are in that location. For example, the apps that you will use at work are different than the apps that you use at home. The phone will show you all of your most used work apps, and on the drive home, change and show you all of your most used apps for being at home.


HTC BlinkFeed is another personalizing feature of the phone. It uses your physical location, and shows you what events, restaurants, and places are located there. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, California, your phone will show you whether there is a baseball game, concerts, what restaurants are highly rated, and how far away the nearest gas station is. When traveling, this feature can be exceptionally helpful.


The camera is state of the art, with 20 megapixels and 4K Ultra HD video capabilities. UltraPixel is located on the front facing camera, and will take sharper pictures, perfect for selfie lovers around the world. HTC Eye Experience will show you a split screen of the view from both the front facing camera and the back camera at the same time. You can take a selfie of yourself while showing the scene in front of you, seamlessly joining the two views together. Each picture can be modified using photo-editing tools that come preloaded onto the phone.


The HTC One M9 also comes with innovative audio features. The patented HTC BoomSound takes the power of 5.1 Surround Sound and applies it to the dual front facing speakers. This gives you the most powerful and all encompassing sound that you would expect from a home stereo system, but in the compact size of a phone.


Unlock HTC One M9

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