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How Does The New HTC One A9 Compare To The Previously Released Apple iPhone 6?

Apple just released its newest iPhone the Apple iPhone 6 and soon the new HTC One A9 will make its debut in November 2015. The two phones at first glance are strikingly similar. Many critics have claimed the new HTC One A9 copies a number of the feature available on the Apple iPhone 6 and others say that Apple copied most of its designs and features from the previous HTC One M9. Both the HTC One A9 and Apple iPhone 6 have a lot to offer users and here we will quickly point out the similarities and difference with the two phones.

Similarities To The Apple iPhone 6:

The HTC One A9 and the new Apple iPhone 6 both come in the same color variations such as gold/champagne, dark gray and silver. The HTC One A9 also is available in a new vibrant red color as well which the Apple iPhone 6 is not available in.

The design of both the Apple iPhone 6 and HTC One A9 both display their own logos centered on the back of the phones. Both are centered and placed in the same positions.

Both phones incorporate a glass screen that slightly curves down the sides of the phone’s casing.

Compared to the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone the resolutions are the same at 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Unlock HTC One A9

Differences Between the HTC One A9 and the Apple iPhone 6:

One major noticeable difference between the Apple iPhone 6 and the new upcoming HTC One A9 it the price. The cost of an HTC One A9 is close to $250 less than the Apple iPhone 6 making it significantly cheaper but also offering the close to the same functions and features.

Compared to the 4.7inch Apple iPhone 6 the HTC One A9 offers a higher resolution at 1920 X 1080 pixels.

The camera on the HTC One A9 is centered on the back of the phone placing it in a more convenient position for properly centering images. The Apple iPhone 6 leaves its rear facing camera slightly off to the left of the phone.

Although both phones offer some of the same colors the HTC One A9 actually offers five total. The HTC One A9 offers a bold red color and a vibrant green color that you can choose from while Apple only offers the same dark gray, silver or gold colors.

HTC One A9 users can benefit from the new Android Marshmallow which allows for quick and convenient updating. Marshmallow also gives users some key functioning improvements that you will not readily find on any other phone such as the now on tap feature and the app standby function.

HTC One A9 also of course comes already loaded with all the necessary Google apps as most of the HTC phones do.

The battery life on the HTC One A9 does fall short than that of the Apple iPhone 6 but most HTC phones tend to have this problem. While compared to previous HTC models the battery life is significantly improved it still does not outlast many of its competitors including the Apple iPhone.

Whichever phone you choose, either the HTC One A9 or the Apple iPhone 6, you will find little to be disappointed with. Both have sleek new designs and can run at the same speeds. What it may all come down to is personal preference of whether you like all the Google based apps and functions or you like the Apple features better. If those do not make a difference to you than the price surely will. You can pay more for the Apple iPhone 6 or pay less for the HTC One A9 that functions and performs at the same level.

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