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Unlock Code for Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2

Unlock Code for Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2

Unlock Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2


The ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fierce 2 is certainly not one of the high-end Android gadgets. If cost alone is your encouraging aspect you will certainly discover the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 one of the most affordable expense Android gadgets. You can select up the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 at $126.

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While we tear on the specifications of the OneTouch Fierce 2 – it does include a quad-core processor, Android 4.4 and a 5-inch screen. – while it may be an entry-level Android gadget – it does sport some of the specifications a lot of users are looking for.

The Fierce 2 is a good sized gadget, although it is heavy. On the leading right spinal column of the gadget you’ll discover the volume rocker as well as the power/lock button. The majority of individuals most likely will not have any problem holding or managing the gadget.

The screen, while 5 inches, does not pack a great deal of visual punch. It’s a 960×540 pixel resolution as well as at complete brightness does not truly supply a superb visual display screen. The seeing angles for this gadget are incredibly slim and it’s not advised that you attempt to make use of the gadget in strong sunshine.

One location some users may discover a little luster is in the OS. When it comes to dressing up the 4.4 KitKat OS, Alcatel reveals some restraint. They still handle to offer an Alcatel experience without conflicting too much with the Android experience.

When it pertains to the Fierce 2’s electronic cameras – quality isn’t really among the talking points. It has a 5MP cam however does have some settings like HDR and Panorama as well as burst. There are some alternatives for the cam – simply not a lot of quality when it comes to your capture image.

The phone is provided as supporting HSPA+ 4G (which some suggest is simply 3G that’s called 4G) however does not support LTE. If the most affordable expense Android gadget is exactly what you’re after – the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 is most likely the gadget for you. If you’re ready to invest simply a couple of dollars more – you can get a far much better experience with something like the Motorola Moto G or the Samsung Galaxy Avant.

How to unlock Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2

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