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Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code

Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code – Since Google’s acquisition of the Motorola brand, they have launched a new breed of smartphones to capture the mid-range market. The first of which is the Motorola Moto G.

If you are familiar with the Moto X, then the Moto G will remind you of what you love about its “big brother,” in terms of design. The volume controls and the power/ lock buttons can be found on the right side of the phone. At the top is the 3.5mm jack for the headset and the noise-cancelling microphone; while the primary microphone and the micro-USB port for data transfer and charging is at the bottom.

The screen rocks a 4.5-inch display with a camera, the earpiece and sensors on top. The screen boasts of a crisp and vibrant display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720. It may be smaller than the Moto X but upon our evaluation, the size of the Moto G is good enough to serve its purpose – a basic smartphone with basic functions. With a 326ppi density, the words written on the screen are very readable and the colors are so vivid that it makes the app icons pop out. We’d love to be able to read the rather small text found on the phones, anytime, any day. This is refreshing for a mid-range phone.

At the back is a 5-megapixel camera, which doesn’t do much for taking pictures. It isn’t exactly the phone camera you would use to take scenic shots nor explore with night photography, but the visuals it produces are good enough for uploading on social networking sites. The camera is really bad when used in low light conditions. There is however, a led flash that one can fire off to show their subjects. The Moto G can record videos of up to up to 720p. The audio is quite tiny, we highly recommend consumers to use their earphones or headphones when listening to music or watching videos.

This mid ranged phone is backed by Android with additional Motorola features that one may need. The Motorola Assist is a necessity for meetings that automatically silences your phone when it recognizes your calendar entry. The Motorola Assist also automatically replies to assigned contacts during the “meeting timeframe.” The Motorola Migrate helps you transfer data from another Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Moto G has a 2070mAh battery that promises to give off a full supply of power for a good 24 hours. But upon testing the phone using a good number of SMS, a few calls, data turned on, and snapping a couple of photographs, the battery yielded a good twelve hours.

The Moto G is a good secondary phone. It came to deliver its promise, except for the problematic camera. So if you need another phone for your other line, or you need a phone for your kids, or for the home, then get this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the camera okay?

Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code

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