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LG G3 Unlock

The flagship phone from LG the G3 is one of the best phones in its class.  I think it’s better than the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, and here’s why.  The display on the G3 is spectacular, it’s big and beautiful, and it begs to be stared at.  With a much higher resolution and sharper colors than both the S5 and the M8 you can’t help but watch movies.  Also the buttons on the back of the phone are much nicer than having buttons on the side or top.  They are easier to reach and more comfortable.  Battery life on the G3, with its 3000 MAH battery is just as good as the M8 and better than the Galaxy S5.  For extra bonus points the battery on the G3 is removable and there is expandable micro SD storage.

The camera on the LG G3 is something that needs to be talked about; with sixteen megapixels and laser autofocus it’s hard to take bad pictures.  The camera is super simple and easy to use, so for those people who don’t need to change the settings every time they take a picture, this camera will work well.  It has the ability to shoot in 4k which is great and the videos look really nice when played back on the G3’s screen or a 4k TV.

LG G3 Unlock

As far as hardware goes, the G3 has a quad core processer clocking in at 2.5 GHz and it does an excellent job handling all the software and features on the phone.  Speaking of features, the LG G3 has lots of them.  With multi-window capability, a laser focus camera, and expandable keyboard there is lots of extra stuff to like about the G3.  The multi-window is obviously nice for doing multiple things at once and the laser focus allows the camera to focus really quickly and accurately.  The expandable keyboard works well for people who have large or small hands and this means there will be fewer encounters with the evil autocorrect.

There are a few things that aren’t so nice about the G3, but only a few.  Under heavy use the phone tends to heat up more than others, occasionally asking you to turn the brightness down to help it stop overheating.  Also the plastic feels cheap in comparison to the M8, and the durability isn’t very good, so don’t drop the phone.  The G3 is large with its 5.5 inch display so this means it can be hard to cram into your pockets and it will be difficult to hold for people with small hands.  The last problem with the G3 is the software; for every nice feature on the phone there is one that is completely useless and the settings menu is difficult to navigate and overly complicated.

Even with these minor hiccups the G3 is still the best phone in its class.  With its unmatched display, great battery life, fast processer, expandable storage, and removable battery it’s great.  Just be careful not to drop the G3 and disable all of the useless bloatware.



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