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Unlock HTC One M9 – If you are looking at buying an HTC One M9, then you are definitely not new to the smartphone market. HTC caters mostly to the tech savvy and to those who are using more applications than any normal call-text-surf-post person would do. So buying an HTC One M9 would really depend on you, the end user, and what you actually need your phone to be.

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The HTC One M9 boasts of a good 5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, which is exactly the same size and resolution found on the M8. HTC phones have been known for making good displays showcasing natural and bordering on the side of cold colors, yet are still nice and bright. This display is perfect for watching your favorite videos.

On top of the screen and below one may find HTC’s BoomSound speakers which give off fantastic sound, be it for listening to music or watching videos. No need to plug in those earphones since many HTC users have attested to its performance as thus, by far the best phone speakers.

To complete the face of the One M9, this phone has a 4-megapixel camera that utilizes HTC’s UltaPixel technology. This is great news for those who are fond of taking pictures of themselves to share on various social media networks.

However, as any HTC user would know, the biggest complain of its end users has been its camera. It has been said that HTC One series phones take photographs that seem to look quite washed out. HTC made sure that this time around, the rear camera jumps to a 20MP. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not quite yet. While viewing HTC One M9 photos on social networking sites using your phone, the pictures may look great undoubtedly, but when viewing them blown up on bigger screens, it goes back to the same problem that HTC has been struggling with ever since.

Upon taking the phone for a test run, the camera lacks the color detail and sharpness that other smartphones of its price range offers. While daytime shots turn out to be comparable to leading handsets today, One M9s poses a problem when taking low-lit pictures showing more noise and graininess.

One M9 also lacks optical image stabilization, which can cause issues for those who love taking pictures and videos. To compare, HTC One M9 has 20MP camera while Samsung S6 has 16MP, yet the S6 gets better reviews camera wise as compared to the more powerful 20MP camera of the One M9. Get the drift? One must take a good number of shots while trying to keep hands steady to be assured of blur-free pictures and videos, which we’d like to think, is rather very difficult and can be extremely disappointing.

As for battery life, One M9 supposedly has 2,800mAh as compared to a Samsung s6, which has 2,550 mAh battery. However, the One M9 battery drains out faster than that of the Samsung S6, maybe due to the use of high-powered apps that HTC users are known to have. But don’t you think that HTC should have found a way to make its batteries last longer considering the profile of the users who swear by their brand? If One M9 batteries are worse than Samsung’s which is worse than Apple’s, then that can actually be the worst smartphone batteries ever made, don’t you think?

All in all, HTC One M9 is comparable to its competitors: the Samsung S6 and even the Iphone 6. Choosing the One M9 will depend on you. If you are into high-powered apps, watching videos and listening to music then this is the phone for you (that is, if you are good with fast charging your batteries every so often). But if you are after taking photos and posting it on social media, then go for the alternative. HTC One M9 phones remain to be for the tech-savvy, just like what other HTC phones were known for in the past.



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