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HTC One M9 IMEI Code

If You Have The HTC One M8, Should You Upgrade to the HTC One M9?

The HTC One M8 is quite possibly one of the best looking phones out there and it really is a pleasure to use. There aren’t many phones that can rival it thanks to the aluminium body and it is a personal favourite among mobile users. That being said, is it possible for HTC to improve on this? Take a look below to find out more.

The HTC One M8 VS the HTC One M9

From the front, both of the phones look relatively similar. There are two speakers that face the front and both of these phones come with screens that are the same size. In fact, they even have the same black bezels as well, so if you didn’t know any better, you probably would find it a little difficult to tell the difference. The only change from the older phone is the camera, which they have moved from the back to the front.

You will find that when you hold both phones, you can actually see a difference in the design. The M9 is slightly thicker and that is thanks to the metal trim, which is a great addition from a design point of view. You will also find that the gunmetal grey colour is much nicer in the M9. Even so, the curved back is still present and the aluminium is still cool to the touch. The M9 has a less glossy feel when compared and it is slightly more textured as well to help with your grip, so they have made some improvements with the M9 and if you can, you should upgrade. If you can’t, you aren’t missing out on a ton of new design features but you are missing out on the additional power.

HTC One M9 IMEI Code

Whether you have the HTC One M9 or the One M8 – one thing is for sure – at some point you’re probably going to unlock more than the bootloader.  You move, you get tired of poor service – whatever the case may be – you want to change carriers but want to keep your phone so you decide to unlock your phone.  Hands down – IMEI unlocking is the easiest way to go.  Put in a new SIM and enter your unlock code when prompted.  You can find HTC One M9 (and any other GSM HTC device) unlocked here, here and here.

HTC One M9 IMEI Code

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