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HTC First Unlock Code

HTC First Unlock

HTC First Unlock Code

HTC has released the HTC First the first device with the Facebook Home integrated.  That is probably the biggest selling point of this phone.  The specs are nothing to write home about, it’s a mid-level android device.  LTE, no beats audio, a dual core processor running Android JellyBean 4.1.  The screen does pack quite a bit into it’s 4.3 inch display at 341 ppi which technically makes it a sharper screen than the “Retina Display” on the iphone 5, however, most report even at the brightest settings this screen seems unusually dark.  That said…if you want the first phone with Facebook Home integrated….the HTC First is the device for you.

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How to Unlock HTC First


Unlock HTC First – $14.99

HTC First Unlock Code – $14.99


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