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Galaxy S6 Unlock Code

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

When the iPhone was first released in the Summer of 2007, it held the lion share of the smart phone market for nearly a half decade.  It was the Rolls-Royce of the industry, and all other tech companies in the cell phone business were left to come up with some way of matching Apple’s groundbreaking creation.  Samsung came up with the first serious threat to the iPhone when it initiated the Galaxy series starting in the Summer of 2010.  Since then, there has been a game of one-upmanship between Apple and Galaxy as each race to bring the latest and greatest take on the now passé idea of the smart phone to the ever-ready consuming public.  With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in the early Fall of 2014, the product seemed to signal that the one-time smart phone innovator might have been bending to the competition since it had a screen size comparable to its rivals, a sign that it had been listening to criticisms raised by fans of the Samsung series.  Although Apple regained the top spot with the iPhone 6, it is seemingly short lived now that Samsung has brought the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the market.


Some might raise an incredulous eyebrow over the fact that Samsung added a “+” to their latest phone, but such barbs constitute the only real complaints one could level at Samsung with the S6 Edge+.  The first thing that stands out is the curved display.  In the contest for who can make the biggest screen while keeping it within the realm of a usable, working phone, this one now wraps it around the edges.  Why waste all that space on the sides anyway?  All that extra room brings the QuadHD AMOLED screen into sharpest focus, with a projection quality of the highest magnitude.  For those of you who think of smart phones as simply glorified cameras, the S6 Edge+ boasts the best, with 4k video, optimal stabilization, and full manual control.  Perhaps most importantly, though, is its battery life.  It can make it through a full day of usage and then some, including the ability to watch over three hours of footage before the battery dies.


There are many smart phone options available to consumers these days, and because of the plethora of choices, standing out has become tricky.  The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ manages that with ease.  The company has launched the latest and most compelling salvo in the smart phone war with Apple, and it is up to the latter to catch up once again.  Though there are diehards on both sides of the battle who would rather revert to an analog phone than switch brands, for those who simply want the best the market has to offer, it is difficult to go wrong with the S6 Edge+.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Code for unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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  1. Ethan says:

    Help he to get an unlocking code for Samsung Galaxy s6 imei: 354901076632182
    Locked for Europe use

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