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Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code

Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code – In the mid-range smartphones arena, HTC has fielded in the HTC Desire 610, an offshoot of HTC’s mid-range flagship phone the Desire 816. Desire 610 follows the design of the 816, however, it comes in a smaller package. The Desire 610 compacts all features in a 4.6-inch display as compared to it’s bigger brother the 816, which is at 5.5-inch. While we may say that the difference in size is just short of an inch, this makes a vast difference in the execution of a design that is geared for an almost phone tablet, crammed up to a tiny phone. Thus, the design appears bulky while it looked great on the 610.

HTC Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code

The power button can be found on the top part of the phone which a one handed user may find quite uncomfortable. The microSD and SIM slots are integrated together and can be found on the side of the phone.

BoomSound speakers can be found in front of the device. While HTC is quite known for their speakers, this particular handset only has the volume to brag about. While it is true that it has the loudest sound when cranked up, but it isn’t exactly the best quality there is.

As expected of a mid-range phone, the 610 runs on 1.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 400, a screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, which enables the processor to run fast enough under normal usage. However, while the low-resolution screen helps in the performance of the phone, it doesn’t do much when reading the screen. Images and text aren’t as sharp as we would’ve wanted it to be, and the over all look feels a bit vintage compared to the new phones available in the market today. Also, the 610’s display doesn’t give much when used outdoors.

The rear camera is at 8-megapixels with LED flash. The front camera is at 1.3-megapixels for the much-desired selfies. The camera can record a 1080p video. The Desire 610 has a good shutter speed that is excellent for moving photos.

While there are a lot of specs that this phone fails to deliver, the Desire 610’s saving grace is its wide range of connectivity options. It has LTE, NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi.

All in all, the only thing good about the Desire 610 is its connectivity, which is not much of a selling point considering the many options in the mid-range category. The design is problematic, and so is the material used for the phone’s casing. The display isn’t anything to rave about, or the famous BoomSound speakers. Sorry HTC, this is just not something that we expected from you.



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