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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not so different from the S4, at least in terms of looks but that certainly doesn’t make it a bad phone.  In fact the only phone in its class that’s possibly better is the LG G3.  The S5 only falls short in a few places, and most notably the way it looks.  The S5 is an ugly looking phone, with its plastic backing, large bezels, and gaudy heart rate sensor it won’t be winning any beauty contests.  There are however some good things that go along with the ugliness.  For instance, because of the plastic backing the S5 has a removable battery and expandable memory, something that the iPhone 5, and HTC one M7 do not have.  Also, because of the thick bezels along the screen this should improve durability when the phone is dropped and help prevent screen cracking.  This will be a definite plus for people who don’t like having a case.

The heartrate sensor on the back of the phone works fine, but it’s definitely not spectacular enough to make anyone buy the phone because of it.  This is also the case with the fingerprint scanner, which ends up being an annoying hassle that no one will actually use to unlock their phone.  Since we’re on the subject of useless features there are plenty more in Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.  One feature that sounds nice but you will never use is the MyMagazine app which is similar to Flipboard, but not as good.

There are plenty of useful features that come on the S5 as well though.  One of these is the download booster which uses the phone’s WiFi and mobile network simultaneously to speed up large downloads.  Another useful feature is the IR blaster which allows the user to control TVs and set-top boxes.

As far as software and battery life go the Galaxy S5 is fairly average.  The battery life is good and will last most users throughout the day, but it can’t quite keep up with the LG G3.  The software is bright and vibrant, and it looks great on the 5.1 inch super amoled display.  To keep the lag away the S5 boasts a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and 2 gigs of ram which is almost enough.  There is still some lag on occasion but it is nothing that will make you throw the phone on the floor.

The camera on the S5 is a real strong point.  With 16 megapixels and nice image processing software it takes good pictures in all lighting conditions.  There are also lots of different settings so you can customize the picture taking experience just the way you want it.  The camera also takes great video but you will be let down by the sound quality if you play the videos back on the phone.  The speakers just can’t compare to the HTC one M7.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will make a lot of people very happy with its feature packed software and great camera.  As long as you don’t mind looking at a slightly ugly phone you will love the S5.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H Exyon Quad Core 1.9GHz processor, 16GB, Factory Unlocked International Version WHITE

Network/Bearer Multi-SIM Single-SIM SIM size Micro-SIM (3FF) 2G GSM B8 (GSM 850MHz), B10 (E-GSM 900MHz), B13 (DCS 1,800MHz), B14 (PCS 1,900MHz) 3G UMTS B1 (IMT 2,100MHz), B2 (PCS 1,900MHz), B5 (US 850MHz Cellular), B8 (GSM 900MHz) Connectivity ANT+ Yes USB Version USB 3.0 Location Technology GPS, Glonass, Beidou Earjack 3.5mm Stereo MHL MHL 2.1 Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G + 5GHz, VHT80 MIMO Wi-Fi Direct Yes DLNA Support No Bluetooth Version Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth Profiles DI, MAP, PBAP, HOGP, PAN, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, OPP, SAP, HID Technology (Main Display) Super AMOLED Size (Main Display) 5.1" (129.4mm) Resolution (Main Display) 1920 x 1080 (FHD) Color Depth (Main Display) 16M S Pen Support No Processor CPU Speed 1.9GHz, 1.3GHz CPU Type Octa-Core Memory RAM Size (GB) 2GB ROM Size (GB) 16 External Memory Support MicroSD (up to 128GB) Camera Video Recording Resolution UHD 4K (3840 x 2160), @30fps Main Camera – Resolution CMOS, 16MP Front Camera – Resolution CMOS, 2MP Main Camera – Flash Yes Main Camera – Auto Focus Yes


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the immediate successor to the Galaxy S4, and it was released on 11 April 2014 in 150 countries. It is sort of a Galaxy S4S, to kind of follow Apple’s naming convention, and what I mean by that is that this is an evolutionary step up from previous version, rather than a radical re-design.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

There are a couple of all-new features, notably the fingerprint sensor and a very welcomed IP67 certification for dust an water resistance. There’s also a heart-rate monitor built in.

So let’s get to it.

Samsung’s flagship phone arrived with the company’s maximum hype to arguably what it is the most competitive segment of the market. With the iPhone 6, the LG G3, the HTC One M8 and Motorola’s X phones, this should be one of the big horsemen of 2014. So, does it has what it takes? Read on!

Body and design:
It’s plastic, flexible back cover and silver edges resembles the Galaxy Alpha, with the same dots that gives some grip to it (none of the soft polished stuff found on the back of the S4) The edges of the phone look like metal but it is actually plastic, and it comes as obvious once you hold it in your hand. It’s on the light side with 145g (5.11 oz) but this kind of kills the “premium” look of it. This is no HTC One M8 with a full metal body design… So… Yeah, Samsung, you blew it. Just in the “look and feel” of it, because the dotted pattern back and the size of the phone makes it easy to hold and use, and the fact that is water proof is also great. Speaking of which, the IP67 certification means you can take it to the shower maybe but not to the pool, you can use it comfortably in the kitchen or beach without any worries that it will not be ruined. The only drawback is that in order to cover it’s USB3 charging port and protect it from water, Samsung included a plastic door that you have to open every time you plug it in. And every single time you unplug it from the charger, you’ll get a sign on the screen remembering you to close the little door.

At the moment of launch, Samsung offers 4 color options: dark gray, blue, white and cheap gold, excuse me, gold.

Behind the colored back door, once opened, you’ll find the micro SD memory card slot expansion (internal memory is 16GB or 32GB), the sim-card slot and the 2800 mAh removable battery. By the way, battery life is very good with one full day of heavy use, a day and a half of normal use. You can also activate Samsung’s ultra power saving mode and get basic functionality in case of an emergency.
Last thing worth mentioning at the back is the loudspeaker hole at the bottom and the heart rate monitor at the top, below the camera, right next to the LED flash.

Flipping it around, we see an awesome screen:
At 5.1 inches and 1080p resolution, full HD super Amoled display, this is serious quality display although not the biggest in pixel count out there, it is certainly super sharp, contrasty and vibrant.
Down below the screen, the home button also serves as a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device and some apps (like Paypal) but it’s kind of difficult to use: you have to slide your finger across it at a certain speed and angle in order to work. Nothing like the iPhone’s sensor. And also there’s no mention of “secured onclave” where the fingerprints are stored like Apple does. So who knows where do they go.

The processor is a very powerful Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core at 2.5GHz, it is 4G LTE ready, the camera is 16 megapixels and arguably one of the best phone cameras out there with super sharp and vivid colors, also capable of recording 4K video and live HDR photography preview.
It comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat with TouchWIz on top of it, but at this point you should be able to upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop. Speaking of touchwiz, this time around the settings got out of control, with an endless list of features that Samsung will need to clean up. Same thing on the Camera app, with so many switches and toggles, Samsung is at risk of losing the “normal” people and sticking just to enthusiasts. There are just too many.

If you loved your Galaxy S3 or S4 and you where eagerly waiting for a faster, prettier upgrade with a super-camera and great battery, then you must buy this one. But, if you are confused by thousands of settings and messages and you like your phone simple and premium, you may consider other choices.


Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been called Samsung’s beautiful, most luxurious phone yet. While we find that to be a bit of a stretch considering the max screen resolution is 1280×720 and lack of a microSD slot. Given that most phones priced as this one are come with a true 1080p HD display, we can’t call it the “most” anything. It’s simply not. All of that said – it is a great device and it’s metal frame gives a a solid and powerful feel. The phone is light and feels great in your hands because of it’s metal frame and even weighs in about a half ounce lighter than the iPhone 6. The Galaxy Alpha packs that 4.7 inch metal frame body with an octa-core processor, Android KitKat, a great camera, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate scanner and much more. Unfortunately this device is being priced as a high-end device but doesn’t have the same set of hardware and features that you get with the flagship Galaxy S5, but comes with a similar price tag.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have an “octa-core” processor which is misleading. It’s actually 2 quad-core processes, each clocked at a different speed. There is a 1.3GHz that is used for basic tasks and the second processor is clocked at 1.8GHz and is utilized when more power is required. Sadly – it will never fire on all eight cores at the same time but even so when benchmarked narrowly beats out the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3. The US variant of the Galaxy Alpha will have the Snapdragon 801 quad-core clocked at 2.5GHz that you see in many other (high-end) devices.

Samsung managed to get a lot of things right on the Galaxy Alpha that they got wrong or chose to another way with the Galaxy S5. As we mentioned earlier it’s packed with some pretty nice hardware, including a nice camera – it lacks where other devices are really starting to excel – it’s screen which for many will be a serious letdown. If you like to store a lot of your media on your device and not in the cloud the lack of a microSD slot is also a turnoff for this device. If you really have to have a metal Android phone – the HTC One M8 might be a better choice for the money.

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Along with the trend of taking selfies – there is a trend of phone producers making phones created around taking selfies. Discover out all the information on this brand-new “selfie phone” and get the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime unlocked!

As we’ve pointed out – this phone was developed with the selfie in mind and to that end has a 5MP front-facing electronic camera. Provided that we’ve seen and examined some brand-new HTC gadgets with 13MP front-facing video cameras with LED flash – the Galaxy Grand Prime may currently be a bit behind.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

While the electronic camera specifications for this selfie phone aren’t all that exceptional exactly what does make this phone appealing is it’s density and screen size. Once again – a low to midrange phone.

The Galaxy Grand Prime comes with a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory. This is likewise a dual-SIM phone so you can be all set to take a trip and change providers if requirement be. All of this runs on top of Android 4.4 KitKat and the Samsung Touchwiz application as is quite conventional with all of the newest Samsung gadgets, whether the GS5 or something down the power scale.

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5


Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 – Samsung is preparing to launch another phone in the Galaxy line – numerous, in fact – the Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A3 Duos. As the identifying recommends the A3 will certainly can be found in on the lower end of the 2 and the A5 will certainly boast somewhat much better hardware than the A3. Samsung is intending these 2 gadgets at a more youthful crowd recommending they are the best gadget for Facebook (social networking) and taking selfies.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung likewise informs us that both the Galaxy A5 and A3 have actually been constructed to highlight it’s sound quality consisting of a function they call “Wise Voice” which attempts to keep volume levels continuous regardless of how you hold the phone. This sounds great – however we’ll see how this function in fact plays out as soon as the gadget is live.

On both gadgets, the A3 and A5, you’ll discover a 5MP front-facing video camera which is really much better than some high-end gadgets today like the Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6. Just the flip side you get a bit of a distinction – the Galaxy A5 will certainly have a 13MP cam while the A3 will just have an 8MP.

Both the A5 and A3 will certainly feature Android 4.4 KitKat as the basic or shipping OS running Samsung’s TouchWiz on top. These gadgets will certainly have 4 brand-new styles along with their own touch sounds that the other Galaxy gadgets will not have.

Samsung will certainly provide a couple of colors for these gadgets, 6 to be specific: black, white, gold, silver, blossom pink and light blue. The Galaxy A5 and A3 will certainly more than most likely never ever pertained to the United States and will most likely be offered just in eastern markets although prices and circulation information have actually not yet been launched. That stated – anticipate a November launch in Asia (china) very first then the remainder of the world (possibly) to follow.

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Avant

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Avant— Prepare to be unimpressed by this phone’s basic specifications yet pleasingly amazed by its remarkable reward. Likewise called “T-mobile’s (nearly) cost-free phone with KitKat” the Samsung Galaxy Avant is Samsung’s most current launch in the cost effective sector on the marketplace for folks trying to obtain the current android model, as well as all of the highlights of a modern-day mobile phone, at nearly no expense: If you obtain it with an agreement, the initial month it’s 0 bucks, the adhering to will certainly be $9 for the 2 year normal offer. The unlocked variation is $216.

With a display dimension of 4.5 inches, qHD resolution (540×960 pixels at 245ppi) this phone is quite much like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, or possibly you could think about it as a somewhat customized model of the Galaxy Core LTE (SM-G386F). Probably is so comparable it’s difficult to inform exactly what’s various. Perhaps the software application, considering that you will not be looking for updates franticly with this one as it currently features Google’s newest os, Android Kitkat 4.4. Obviously, Samsung consistently includes its launcher atop it, Touchwiz, so if you have actually been utilizing a Samsung phone you’ll really feel right in your home.

The layout lugs every little thing over from the Galaxy line: the display takes each one of the front area. Over on top, Samsung’s company logo as well as the speaker’s grill. Close to it, the front encountering cam for video clip conferencing and also, naturally, those selfies. Under facility, the bodily house button, bordered by the food selection and also back buttons. This are equipment, not software program. On the back, a moderate 5 megapixel major video camera efficient in videotaping 720p HD video clip, assisted with an LED flash, the speaker and also samsung’s logo design once more. On the left side, the quantity rocker. On the appropriate side, the sleep-wake button. On the best, the common headset jack and also basically the typical micro usb for billing its 2100 mAh electric battery.
On the inside an NFC chip, and also FM radio. The major cpu is a 1.2 GHz unnamed chip, as well as the RAM totals up to 1.5 GB, okay. Interior flash memory is 16GB, once again, absolutely nothing incorrect with it as well as it has a micro HD port, which is terrific.
This is a 4G LTE Phone so you have the most recent cell connection with wonderful network rates as well. It likewise has T-mobile Wifi Calling innovation, to make sure that’s good.

Overall this is a basic phone that could do every little thing a phone has to do without any sort of obvious hangups or issues and with a couple of great touches that will certainly make you think “hey, you conserved cash AND you acquired LTE and also NFC. And,  what the hell, they included FM radio as well”. So although the display’s resolution isn’t really incredibly sharp or even though you have an extremely minimal video camera, you still have a relatively effective phone that will certainly go away in your pocket and also really feel comfy in your hand. To place it merely, you will not be pleased as well as you will not be dissatisfied.


How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Avant




T-Mobile Unlock Code for Samsung Galaxy Light

T-Mobile Unlock Code for Samsung Galaxy Light – For those trying to find an affordable 4G phone in the “uncarrier”, see, the Samsung Galaxy Light. A little smartphone that will certainly fit in practically any pocket and will be within the majority of budget plans, that doesn’t try to be more than what it is.

It’s body is pretty well the same size of the iPhone 4, but the screen is 4 inches diagonally, which is the same size of the iPhone 5. For today’s requirements, it’s tiny. Taking a look at it, it will advise you of the Galaxy S3 Mini, it’s practically identical. Although a little bulky, still feels very compact and light (no pun meant) at 4.37 oz.

So, exactly what’s the most attractive feature of this phone? The cost: 0 dollars. Yes, that’s it: “nada” dollars. in advance, I mean, if you get it with a 2 year agreement with T-Mobile, where you would be paying 10 additional bucks a months for the duration of it. If you want to pay complete price, it’s $140 at

So why would you choose this one? Because it belongs to the prestigious Galaxy line of phones. It has a lot of the premium phones’ functions, although at not “superior level”. Exactly what I suggest with this is that it’s a quad core processor but only 1.4 GHz, Front and back cam however no good indoors and focusing the camera is kind of sluggish, battery duration is “meh” (will certainly last a day of light use) and yes, it has the 4G LTE capability, so network speed is going to be very good. The body is shiny glossy plastic with a removable back that discloses the battery and the micro-sd slot. This glossy finish will certainly capture finger prints easy.
On the front, you’ll see the common Samsung physical home button, with two soft capacitive buttons, one on each side. The menu and the back button. Similar to the big brother in the Galaxy family, the Galaxy S4.

The screen is a dynamic 4 inch AMOLED display, with a pixel count of 800 by 480 giving a density of 233 ppi. Camera is 5 megapixels, video recording only approximately 720p, front dealing with video camera is a catastrophe and the quad core processor is not really excellent.

Internal memory is rather small: 8GB onboard that can be helped with a big 64GB sd card (or smaller sized certainly) with 1GB of RAM.

It comes loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the typical Touchwiz layer on top of it, which looks precisely as the Galaxy S3 one, with all those ineffective air gestures and stuff.

The physical measures are:

Size and Weight
4.78 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
4.3 ounces

Wireless bands:
Quad Band GSM; UMTS: Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100).

If you like the Samsung Galaxy S4 , however you believe it’s too huge and you’ll never pay a lot for a smartphone, then this is for you.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile:

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlocking The Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the most anticipated Smartphone releases for 2014 is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Much has been postulated by the experts and consumers alike, as to what the specifications will be on this device but very little is known ahead of its expected release near the end of February. Here is a preview of the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Set to appear is a 2560×1440 high-resolution screen with an AMOLED display and this would make the S5 easily the highest-resolution Smartphone on the market. The size of the screen is likely to be increased to 5.25in, up from the 5in of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.


There should be a camera upgrade, with the sensor increasing to 16-megapixels moving from the 13-megapixel found on the Galaxy S4. Speculation is high that hardware optical image stabilization will be introduced by Samsung.


Inside, the Galaxy S5 there is likely to be a choice of processors, with either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 or the 64-bit Exynos 6. ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture will be used by the Exynos 6 and this means that when the phone’s not doing much, there will be four low-power cores available, and when more intensive tasks are being done, four high-power cores will be available.


Since Smartphones are now an integral part of everyday life, battery life has become a very important feature. The good news for the consumers is that they can expect a longer lasting and faster charging battery on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The S5 will be fitted with a 2900mAh battery, which is a step up from the S4’s 2600mAh. The new battery is believed to hold 20% more charge by volume. It is also expected to reach full charge within two hour when charging.

Operating system

As an Android Smartphone, the Galaxy S5 will run on the latest android version: the 4.4 KitKat. Along with its improved cloud integration, an immersive mode, there is also faster multi tasking with the KitKat. There is some speculation however, that Samsung may add its own modifications to the operating system.

New user interface

For the Galaxy S5, Samsung seems to kept the traditional Android home screen and have opted for square widgets that will give users all their data in one place by locking together. There will likely be home screens for media, personal, and work.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely to be a cool looking feature filled snazzy new phone when it arrives and many can’t wait to get their hands on one.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

When the Galaxy S5 is released in the US and elsewhere it’s more than likely going to be locked to a carrier and offered at a subsidized price. If you want to use the phone on a carrier other than the original, you’ll need to unlock the device. The easiest way to unlock any GSM cell phone is via IMEI unlock code. It’s permanent, requires no software and is often as simple as putting in a new SIM and entering your IMEI unlock code when prompted. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives you’ll be able to get IMEI unlock codes from either of the sources below:

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5   |

Code for unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5UCPC


AT&T Rolls Out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Galaxy S4 Active users

AT&T Rolls Out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Galaxy S4 Active users


Whether you love AT&T or you love Android or you love your Galaxy S4 Active, today is a good day for you.  Especially if you love all 3.  Today AT&T started their Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA rollout.  If you want to cry that it’s not Android Kit Kat, go ahead, but if you’re going to do that you should just buy a new phone and stop hanging on to the past.  The rest of us think this is good news and a few of us might even celebrate.  Among the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean improvements that Galaxy S4 Active users will see……a huge 772 MB download (we know that excites you all!), 1080p Netflix streaming (feeling at least a little better now?), Bluetooth Smart technology, OpenGL ES 3.0 support and much more.

For all the latest news and details on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active users, check out the stories below:

AT&T begins updating the Galaxy S4 Active with Android 4.3  |  Engadget

AT&T’s Galaxy S4 Active getting Android 4.3 update today  |  Android Central

If you have the Galaxy S4 Active and you’re looking to unlock it, you can do so here:  Unlock AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active


If you’re looking to buy an already unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you can do so here: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Dive Blue I9295 Factory Unlocked