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Newer Is Not Necessarily Better

Though the days of the LG G3 seem numbered with the release of the next generation G4, the former still has plenty to offer the smart phone consumer concerned with having the best product money can buy.  Since many of the features in the G4 are holdovers from the G3, never was that phrase more apropos.  Obviously, the G4 will have a few more gadgets one would expect from a newer model.  Regardless the G3 retains many of the things that everyone from the casual user to the techie who demands their phone be able to take pictures on par with the most advanced stand alone cameras wants from smart phones these days, and for less money.  Therefore, before rushing to the store and shelling out hard earned cash for the newcomer, give the LG G3 some consideration.

LG G3 Unlock Code:

Technology that Stands the Test of Time

The most outstanding part initiated by the LG G3 was the density of its pixilation, the best on the market.  Yes, a phone’s ability to make calls has become secondary to whether or not you can count the hairs on the characters filling our handheld screens while watching videos.  But the power of the G3 does not end with its stunning display.  It also processes information at a dizzying speed, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocking in at 2.5Ghz.  One might worry that all that lightning fast computing and amazing HD displaying would tax the battery, making it last roughly as long as it takes to read this sentence.  However, the phone can last for days, and if you do manage to exhaust its energy supplies without a place to recharge it, it allows for the battery to be removed and replaced by a spare (not something that most smart phones, like the iPhone, do).  Finally, its camera comes with a laser focuser, which zooms in rapidly without having to wait too long for the digital filters to catch up.


A Smart Buy

Smart phones are expensive.  While cell phone companies certainly want us to buy their shiny new products and pay top dollar for them, they also are not eager to see all of their previous generation models end up in land fills.  The fact that they are desirous to sell all their products, new and old, works to the advantage of the consumer looking to save money but also wanting a phone that will stand up to modern standards.  By every measurable category of analysis, the LG G3 holds its own to its competition, both from outside companies like Apple and Samsung and its own successor.  It is large, fitting with the trends for phones lately; it takes great pictures; and will last a long time, whether judged by its battery life or the durability of its metal frame.  If you can live without the supposed necessity of having the newest piece of technology, then you could do a whole lot worse than the LG G3.


Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code

Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code – In the mid-range smartphones arena, HTC has fielded in the HTC Desire 610, an offshoot of HTC’s mid-range flagship phone the Desire 816. Desire 610 follows the design of the 816, however, it comes in a smaller package. The Desire 610 compacts all features in a 4.6-inch display as compared to it’s bigger brother the 816, which is at 5.5-inch. While we may say that the difference in size is just short of an inch, this makes a vast difference in the execution of a design that is geared for an almost phone tablet, crammed up to a tiny phone. Thus, the design appears bulky while it looked great on the 610.

HTC Desire 610 IMEI SIM Unlock Code

The power button can be found on the top part of the phone which a one handed user may find quite uncomfortable. The microSD and SIM slots are integrated together and can be found on the side of the phone.

BoomSound speakers can be found in front of the device. While HTC is quite known for their speakers, this particular handset only has the volume to brag about. While it is true that it has the loudest sound when cranked up, but it isn’t exactly the best quality there is.

As expected of a mid-range phone, the 610 runs on 1.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 400, a screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, which enables the processor to run fast enough under normal usage. However, while the low-resolution screen helps in the performance of the phone, it doesn’t do much when reading the screen. Images and text aren’t as sharp as we would’ve wanted it to be, and the over all look feels a bit vintage compared to the new phones available in the market today. Also, the 610’s display doesn’t give much when used outdoors.

The rear camera is at 8-megapixels with LED flash. The front camera is at 1.3-megapixels for the much-desired selfies. The camera can record a 1080p video. The Desire 610 has a good shutter speed that is excellent for moving photos.

While there are a lot of specs that this phone fails to deliver, the Desire 610’s saving grace is its wide range of connectivity options. It has LTE, NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi.

All in all, the only thing good about the Desire 610 is its connectivity, which is not much of a selling point considering the many options in the mid-range category. The design is problematic, and so is the material used for the phone’s casing. The display isn’t anything to rave about, or the famous BoomSound speakers. Sorry HTC, this is just not something that we expected from you.




Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code

Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code – Since Google’s acquisition of the Motorola brand, they have launched a new breed of smartphones to capture the mid-range market. The first of which is the Motorola Moto G.

If you are familiar with the Moto X, then the Moto G will remind you of what you love about its “big brother,” in terms of design. The volume controls and the power/ lock buttons can be found on the right side of the phone. At the top is the 3.5mm jack for the headset and the noise-cancelling microphone; while the primary microphone and the micro-USB port for data transfer and charging is at the bottom.

The screen rocks a 4.5-inch display with a camera, the earpiece and sensors on top. The screen boasts of a crisp and vibrant display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720. It may be smaller than the Moto X but upon our evaluation, the size of the Moto G is good enough to serve its purpose – a basic smartphone with basic functions. With a 326ppi density, the words written on the screen are very readable and the colors are so vivid that it makes the app icons pop out. We’d love to be able to read the rather small text found on the phones, anytime, any day. This is refreshing for a mid-range phone.

At the back is a 5-megapixel camera, which doesn’t do much for taking pictures. It isn’t exactly the phone camera you would use to take scenic shots nor explore with night photography, but the visuals it produces are good enough for uploading on social networking sites. The camera is really bad when used in low light conditions. There is however, a led flash that one can fire off to show their subjects. The Moto G can record videos of up to up to 720p. The audio is quite tiny, we highly recommend consumers to use their earphones or headphones when listening to music or watching videos.

This mid ranged phone is backed by Android with additional Motorola features that one may need. The Motorola Assist is a necessity for meetings that automatically silences your phone when it recognizes your calendar entry. The Motorola Assist also automatically replies to assigned contacts during the “meeting timeframe.” The Motorola Migrate helps you transfer data from another Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Moto G has a 2070mAh battery that promises to give off a full supply of power for a good 24 hours. But upon testing the phone using a good number of SMS, a few calls, data turned on, and snapping a couple of photographs, the battery yielded a good twelve hours.

The Moto G is a good secondary phone. It came to deliver its promise, except for the problematic camera. So if you need another phone for your other line, or you need a phone for your kids, or for the home, then get this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the camera okay?

Motorola Moto G IMEI SIM Unlock Code

Moto G Unlock

Unlock Code for Moto G



HTC One M9

Unlock HTC One M9 – If you are looking at buying an HTC One M9, then you are definitely not new to the smartphone market. HTC caters mostly to the tech savvy and to those who are using more applications than any normal call-text-surf-post person would do. So buying an HTC One M9 would really depend on you, the end user, and what you actually need your phone to be.

Unlock HTC One M9 – –

The HTC One M9 boasts of a good 5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, which is exactly the same size and resolution found on the M8. HTC phones have been known for making good displays showcasing natural and bordering on the side of cold colors, yet are still nice and bright. This display is perfect for watching your favorite videos.

On top of the screen and below one may find HTC’s BoomSound speakers which give off fantastic sound, be it for listening to music or watching videos. No need to plug in those earphones since many HTC users have attested to its performance as thus, by far the best phone speakers.

To complete the face of the One M9, this phone has a 4-megapixel camera that utilizes HTC’s UltaPixel technology. This is great news for those who are fond of taking pictures of themselves to share on various social media networks.

However, as any HTC user would know, the biggest complain of its end users has been its camera. It has been said that HTC One series phones take photographs that seem to look quite washed out. HTC made sure that this time around, the rear camera jumps to a 20MP. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not quite yet. While viewing HTC One M9 photos on social networking sites using your phone, the pictures may look great undoubtedly, but when viewing them blown up on bigger screens, it goes back to the same problem that HTC has been struggling with ever since.

Upon taking the phone for a test run, the camera lacks the color detail and sharpness that other smartphones of its price range offers. While daytime shots turn out to be comparable to leading handsets today, One M9s poses a problem when taking low-lit pictures showing more noise and graininess.

One M9 also lacks optical image stabilization, which can cause issues for those who love taking pictures and videos. To compare, HTC One M9 has 20MP camera while Samsung S6 has 16MP, yet the S6 gets better reviews camera wise as compared to the more powerful 20MP camera of the One M9. Get the drift? One must take a good number of shots while trying to keep hands steady to be assured of blur-free pictures and videos, which we’d like to think, is rather very difficult and can be extremely disappointing.

As for battery life, One M9 supposedly has 2,800mAh as compared to a Samsung s6, which has 2,550 mAh battery. However, the One M9 battery drains out faster than that of the Samsung S6, maybe due to the use of high-powered apps that HTC users are known to have. But don’t you think that HTC should have found a way to make its batteries last longer considering the profile of the users who swear by their brand? If One M9 batteries are worse than Samsung’s which is worse than Apple’s, then that can actually be the worst smartphone batteries ever made, don’t you think?

All in all, HTC One M9 is comparable to its competitors: the Samsung S6 and even the Iphone 6. Choosing the One M9 will depend on you. If you are into high-powered apps, watching videos and listening to music then this is the phone for you (that is, if you are good with fast charging your batteries every so often). But if you are after taking photos and posting it on social media, then go for the alternative. HTC One M9 phones remain to be for the tech-savvy, just like what other HTC phones were known for in the past.




Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not so different from the S4, at least in terms of looks but that certainly doesn’t make it a bad phone.  In fact the only phone in its class that’s possibly better is the LG G3.  The S5 only falls short in a few places, and most notably the way it looks.  The S5 is an ugly looking phone, with its plastic backing, large bezels, and gaudy heart rate sensor it won’t be winning any beauty contests.  There are however some good things that go along with the ugliness.  For instance, because of the plastic backing the S5 has a removable battery and expandable memory, something that the iPhone 5, and HTC one M7 do not have.  Also, because of the thick bezels along the screen this should improve durability when the phone is dropped and help prevent screen cracking.  This will be a definite plus for people who don’t like having a case.

The heartrate sensor on the back of the phone works fine, but it’s definitely not spectacular enough to make anyone buy the phone because of it.  This is also the case with the fingerprint scanner, which ends up being an annoying hassle that no one will actually use to unlock their phone.  Since we’re on the subject of useless features there are plenty more in Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.  One feature that sounds nice but you will never use is the MyMagazine app which is similar to Flipboard, but not as good.

There are plenty of useful features that come on the S5 as well though.  One of these is the download booster which uses the phone’s WiFi and mobile network simultaneously to speed up large downloads.  Another useful feature is the IR blaster which allows the user to control TVs and set-top boxes.

As far as software and battery life go the Galaxy S5 is fairly average.  The battery life is good and will last most users throughout the day, but it can’t quite keep up with the LG G3.  The software is bright and vibrant, and it looks great on the 5.1 inch super amoled display.  To keep the lag away the S5 boasts a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and 2 gigs of ram which is almost enough.  There is still some lag on occasion but it is nothing that will make you throw the phone on the floor.

The camera on the S5 is a real strong point.  With 16 megapixels and nice image processing software it takes good pictures in all lighting conditions.  There are also lots of different settings so you can customize the picture taking experience just the way you want it.  The camera also takes great video but you will be let down by the sound quality if you play the videos back on the phone.  The speakers just can’t compare to the HTC one M7.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will make a lot of people very happy with its feature packed software and great camera.  As long as you don’t mind looking at a slightly ugly phone you will love the S5.

Codes to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5:




LG G3 Unlock

The flagship phone from LG the G3 is one of the best phones in its class.  I think it’s better than the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, and here’s why.  The display on the G3 is spectacular, it’s big and beautiful, and it begs to be stared at.  With a much higher resolution and sharper colors than both the S5 and the M8 you can’t help but watch movies.  Also the buttons on the back of the phone are much nicer than having buttons on the side or top.  They are easier to reach and more comfortable.  Battery life on the G3, with its 3000 MAH battery is just as good as the M8 and better than the Galaxy S5.  For extra bonus points the battery on the G3 is removable and there is expandable micro SD storage.

The camera on the LG G3 is something that needs to be talked about; with sixteen megapixels and laser autofocus it’s hard to take bad pictures.  The camera is super simple and easy to use, so for those people who don’t need to change the settings every time they take a picture, this camera will work well.  It has the ability to shoot in 4k which is great and the videos look really nice when played back on the G3’s screen or a 4k TV.

LG G3 Unlock

As far as hardware goes, the G3 has a quad core processer clocking in at 2.5 GHz and it does an excellent job handling all the software and features on the phone.  Speaking of features, the LG G3 has lots of them.  With multi-window capability, a laser focus camera, and expandable keyboard there is lots of extra stuff to like about the G3.  The multi-window is obviously nice for doing multiple things at once and the laser focus allows the camera to focus really quickly and accurately.  The expandable keyboard works well for people who have large or small hands and this means there will be fewer encounters with the evil autocorrect.

There are a few things that aren’t so nice about the G3, but only a few.  Under heavy use the phone tends to heat up more than others, occasionally asking you to turn the brightness down to help it stop overheating.  Also the plastic feels cheap in comparison to the M8, and the durability isn’t very good, so don’t drop the phone.  The G3 is large with its 5.5 inch display so this means it can be hard to cram into your pockets and it will be difficult to hold for people with small hands.  The last problem with the G3 is the software; for every nice feature on the phone there is one that is completely useless and the settings menu is difficult to navigate and overly complicated.

Even with these minor hiccups the G3 is still the best phone in its class.  With its unmatched display, great battery life, fast processer, expandable storage, and removable battery it’s great.  Just be careful not to drop the G3 and disable all of the useless bloatware.




Free HTC One M9 Unlock Code

Free HTC One M9 Unlock Code – The Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, has unleashed their 2015 smartphone, the One M9. While similar to the One M8 model, HTC took their craftsmanship to another level with a “jewelry-grade” product with the release of the One M9.

First and foremost, they’ve reached the top rung as far as audio in the industry with the reinstitution of Boomsound & integrating Dolby 5.1. Betwixt the Boomsound housing of the front speakers and the sound variability for gaming, movies, music with the added Dolby — creates one of the best smartphone audios out there.

Buy HTC One M9 – Locked & Unlocked

  • HTC One M9, Gunmetal Grey 32GB (AT&T)
  • HTC One M9, Gunmetal Grey 32GB (Sprint)
  • HTC One M9, Gold on Silver 32GB (Verizon Wireless)

Not stopping there, HTC has worked an upgrade on the camera’s megapixels for the One M9 with a jolt to 20.7MP — a dandy as candy burst from the One M8’s Dual 4MP. Compared to the challengers abound, the Samsung Galaxy S6’s megapixels are at 16MP. Even the Apple iPhone 6 sports only 8MP. Complementing the camera facet, HTC platforms visual resolution with Qualcom’s Snapdragon 810. The Apple iPhone 6 only bestows 1080 x 1920 pixels (401 ppi density) and while the Samsung Galaxy S6’s resolution is at an awesome 1440 x 2560 pixels (557 ppi density) — the HTC One M9’s 1080 x 1920 (441 ppi density) still furnishes top quality visuals.

While the screen is minutely smaller than the Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 and the One M9 subtly weighter, suffice it to say, with the enhancements & caliber in the release of the One M9 — HTC is just getting better and better and proving themselves a firm standing in the world of smartphones.

All in all, the One M9 resembles the design of the already popular One M8 just at a glance, but further review of the specs and modifications incorporated into HTC’s latest with the One M9 won’t leave fans disappointed in their upgrade.

How to Unlock HTC One M9

If you’re reading this article – there’s a good chance that you already own the HTC One M9 and are ready to unlock it.  If that’s the case – we’ve got a few options for you, all of the sites offer free codes to boot.  Perfect, eh?  Free, permanent IMEI unlock codes for the HTC One M9 and any other GSM HTC device.




Unlock HTC Desire 826

Unlock HTC Desire 826 – We’re still trying to get over not seeing the latest generation HTC flagship, the HTC One, announced at this years CES but HTC is making that a little easier by announcing another phone. This time – it’s a mid-range device, the successor to the Desire 820, called the Desire 826. The device is for sure destined for the Asian markets, however, it’s also listed on the US HTC website, so there’s hope that it comes to the states as well. The design seems to follow the lead laid out with the Desire Eye and boasts some pretty solid specs for a mid-range device. While no one seems to know for sure if the device is coming to the US or not – it should be a success wherever it lands.

How to unlock HTC Desire 826

While it’s size (5.5 inch) has pushed it into the “phablet” arena when you hold it, the Desire 826 doesn’t seem too much bigger than the Desire Eye or the HTC One M8. HTC has maintained design consistency with the Desire line with a brightly colored polycarbonate unibody with accents along it’s edges. The back is not matte but instead comes as shiny plastic and in a wide variet of color combinations. White Birch. Blue Lagoon. Purple Fire. There are some nice stylish designs to choose from with the Desire 826.

Under the hood – the Desire 826 runs on a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 chipset at 1.7GHz. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage (expandable via microSD). The battery is fairly decent – a 2,600mAh. The speakers on this device don’t seem to have a slit or grill so it’s almost like they don’t exist, but there are BoomSound speakers on the front of the device. While it can’t claim to be the “first” running Android 5.0 Lollipop – it will ship with it.

As of this moment – the HTC Desire 826 is only set to roll out in Asian markets at the end of the month – but as we said – it was listed on the US HTC website so there is hope that it will eventually land in the states. There is also currently no pricing set for the device but based on what we know about it you can expect it to be very competitively priced.

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Unlock LG G Flex 2

Unlock LG G Flex 2 – If you were disappointed that HTC didn’t announce the latest flagship device you’re not alone, however, if you were paying attention to LG you’ve got plenty of reason to be excited about a CES 2015 mobile announcement. LG has returned with it’s 2nd attempt a curved and “self-healing” device, the LG G Flex 2.

How to unlock LG G Flex 2

In a move you don’t see on the 2nd or really any “next generation” device – the LG G Flex 2 is SMALLER than the LG G Flex. It’s smaller and that should make everyone happy. The original LG G Flex at 6 inches was too big and bulky to use effectively. At 5.5 inches the LG G Flex 2, it fits your hand quite well (perfectly?) and is immensinely easier to use than the original. Where the previous LG G Flex display was one of its lowlights – the screen on the new LG G Flex 2 shines! it’s a huge improvement and is now 1080p. LG has also improved upon the Gorilla Glass used to cover it, tweaking it a bit in their labs to make it an additional 20% more durable. The chassis is still plastic – to get any of this self-healing and “flexing” it has to be. The self-healing that used to take several minutes is now down to about 10 seconds (assuming you’re not in the cold – the colder it is – the longer it seems to take).

The LG G Flex 2 will be one of the first devices released to have the new Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor (2.0GHz cores). It will also have 2GB of DDR4 RAM and come in 2 sizes for internal storage: 16GB or 32GB. Remember the camera in the LG G3? It’s here in the LG G Flex 2, so if you’ve ever used the camera on the original G Flex you should be happy.

Overall – LG has made some improvements where they were needed with the G Flex in about everywhere they could – but one. The “flex” of this phone is about the same as the previous. It’s a cool technology but to make it afforable on a handset for the masses, even a high-end one, we seem like maybe we’re missing out on some of the inovation for this techology. It’s a start, I guess. And flex-screen aside – it’s a huge step in the right direction for the LG G Flex 2.

There is no word yet on a release date or price for this device but AT&T has pledged to carry it (like they did the the original G Flex).


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the immediate successor to the Galaxy S4, and it was released on 11 April 2014 in 150 countries. It is sort of a Galaxy S4S, to kind of follow Apple’s naming convention, and what I mean by that is that this is an evolutionary step up from previous version, rather than a radical re-design.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

There are a couple of all-new features, notably the fingerprint sensor and a very welcomed IP67 certification for dust an water resistance. There’s also a heart-rate monitor built in.

So let’s get to it.

Samsung’s flagship phone arrived with the company’s maximum hype to arguably what it is the most competitive segment of the market. With the iPhone 6, the LG G3, the HTC One M8 and Motorola’s X phones, this should be one of the big horsemen of 2014. So, does it has what it takes? Read on!

Body and design:
It’s plastic, flexible back cover and silver edges resembles the Galaxy Alpha, with the same dots that gives some grip to it (none of the soft polished stuff found on the back of the S4) The edges of the phone look like metal but it is actually plastic, and it comes as obvious once you hold it in your hand. It’s on the light side with 145g (5.11 oz) but this kind of kills the “premium” look of it. This is no HTC One M8 with a full metal body design… So… Yeah, Samsung, you blew it. Just in the “look and feel” of it, because the dotted pattern back and the size of the phone makes it easy to hold and use, and the fact that is water proof is also great. Speaking of which, the IP67 certification means you can take it to the shower maybe but not to the pool, you can use it comfortably in the kitchen or beach without any worries that it will not be ruined. The only drawback is that in order to cover it’s USB3 charging port and protect it from water, Samsung included a plastic door that you have to open every time you plug it in. And every single time you unplug it from the charger, you’ll get a sign on the screen remembering you to close the little door.

At the moment of launch, Samsung offers 4 color options: dark gray, blue, white and cheap gold, excuse me, gold.

Behind the colored back door, once opened, you’ll find the micro SD memory card slot expansion (internal memory is 16GB or 32GB), the sim-card slot and the 2800 mAh removable battery. By the way, battery life is very good with one full day of heavy use, a day and a half of normal use. You can also activate Samsung’s ultra power saving mode and get basic functionality in case of an emergency.
Last thing worth mentioning at the back is the loudspeaker hole at the bottom and the heart rate monitor at the top, below the camera, right next to the LED flash.

Flipping it around, we see an awesome screen:
At 5.1 inches and 1080p resolution, full HD super Amoled display, this is serious quality display although not the biggest in pixel count out there, it is certainly super sharp, contrasty and vibrant.
Down below the screen, the home button also serves as a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device and some apps (like Paypal) but it’s kind of difficult to use: you have to slide your finger across it at a certain speed and angle in order to work. Nothing like the iPhone’s sensor. And also there’s no mention of “secured onclave” where the fingerprints are stored like Apple does. So who knows where do they go.

The processor is a very powerful Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core at 2.5GHz, it is 4G LTE ready, the camera is 16 megapixels and arguably one of the best phone cameras out there with super sharp and vivid colors, also capable of recording 4K video and live HDR photography preview.
It comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat with TouchWIz on top of it, but at this point you should be able to upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop. Speaking of touchwiz, this time around the settings got out of control, with an endless list of features that Samsung will need to clean up. Same thing on the Camera app, with so many switches and toggles, Samsung is at risk of losing the “normal” people and sticking just to enthusiasts. There are just too many.

If you loved your Galaxy S3 or S4 and you where eagerly waiting for a faster, prettier upgrade with a super-camera and great battery, then you must buy this one. But, if you are confused by thousands of settings and messages and you like your phone simple and premium, you may consider other choices.