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Lumia 640 XL SIM Unlock

If you’re looking to unlock the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL from AT&T – check the section in the middle of the article for links to a couple sites that can provide codes.  Both are fast and offer great service.  Unfortunately – we could not find any free Lumia 640 XL codes – you’ll have to pay for the code on either site or try to get the code from AT&T for free.

A Look at the Lumia 640 XL Camera

The Lumia 640 XL is famous for a lot of reasons, but the main reason why people continue to buy this phone is because of the camera. The phone has undergone a serious upgrade when you compare it to the 640 so if you want to see an increase in your photo quality then this is the phone for you. The camera in the 640 was 8MP in total, but this one has been bumped up to 13MP and it comes complete with Carl Zeiss optics as well. This means that the picture quality is more than decent and it also means that you can get a bright and solid picture, every single time. Of course, you will also find that there is a 5MP camera on the front of the phone as well so there are plenty of options available when you pick this phone over the other ones that are on the market.

Lumia 640 XL SIM Unlock

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One thing that you should know is that it only comes with 8GB of memory, so when you put it next to some of the other phones on the market, it is very sub-par but there are things that you can do to improve this. For example, you could take advantage of the One Drive storage or you could add some more memory in your SD slot as well. With such a great camera, it feels like a shame to limit the storage but the bigger screen and the bigger battery certainly make it worth the money.

Why don’t you take a look at the phone to find out more, or pick one up for yourself today to see how you could benefit from the outstanding camera and shooting capabilities? This is one phone that won’t let you down.


HTC One M9 IMEI Code

If You Have The HTC One M8, Should You Upgrade to the HTC One M9?

The HTC One M8 is quite possibly one of the best looking phones out there and it really is a pleasure to use. There aren’t many phones that can rival it thanks to the aluminium body and it is a personal favourite among mobile users. That being said, is it possible for HTC to improve on this? Take a look below to find out more.

The HTC One M8 VS the HTC One M9

From the front, both of the phones look relatively similar. There are two speakers that face the front and both of these phones come with screens that are the same size. In fact, they even have the same black bezels as well, so if you didn’t know any better, you probably would find it a little difficult to tell the difference. The only change from the older phone is the camera, which they have moved from the back to the front.

You will find that when you hold both phones, you can actually see a difference in the design. The M9 is slightly thicker and that is thanks to the metal trim, which is a great addition from a design point of view. You will also find that the gunmetal grey colour is much nicer in the M9. Even so, the curved back is still present and the aluminium is still cool to the touch. The M9 has a less glossy feel when compared and it is slightly more textured as well to help with your grip, so they have made some improvements with the M9 and if you can, you should upgrade. If you can’t, you aren’t missing out on a ton of new design features but you are missing out on the additional power.

HTC One M9 IMEI Code

Whether you have the HTC One M9 or the One M8 – one thing is for sure – at some point you’re probably going to unlock more than the bootloader.  You move, you get tired of poor service – whatever the case may be – you want to change carriers but want to keep your phone so you decide to unlock your phone.  Hands down – IMEI unlocking is the easiest way to go.  Put in a new SIM and enter your unlock code when prompted.  You can find HTC One M9 (and any other GSM HTC device) unlocked here, here and here.


Unlock Lumia 950 Code

Microsoft’s Lumia 950, Powered by Windows 10

If you are after a new phone then you may want to think about getting the Windows 10 powered Lumia 950. It gives you all of the benefits of your standard Windows experience and it also allows you to access all of your office documents as well. On top of this, you can find all of your apps and your music in the same place so there are plenty of benefits to getting this phone if you own a business.

Of course, you can also have complete access to Cortana and this will unlock so many opportunities for you. Of course, the Lumia 950 also comes with a Quad HD display and this means that you can run some of the most demanding apps without any compromise at all. On top of this, you can also expect to have wireless charging, a large capacity battery and power that you just won’t find in other smartphones.

With a powerful camera and the option to have LED flash and a 20MP sensor that will help you to take better photos in even the darkest conditions, this phone really can do it all so if you want something that you can rely on as much as your computer, then this really is the right choice for you. The design for the phone is also very durable and sturdy, so you won’t need to worry about dropping it when you’re out and on the go and you don’t need to worry about denting it in your pocket either. With so many options available and a super fast powered processor, it really is no wonder why people continue to choose this phone over other phones on the market so why don’t you give it a go for yourself today.

Unlock Lumia 950 Code

Due to the price of the unlocking service – we were unable to negotiate any free unlock codes for the Lumia 950.  That said – we’ve identified two of the best services out there, both of which will be able to unlock the Microsoft Lumia 950.  The first one is here:  Lumia 950 Unlock Code and the second one is here:  Unlock Microsoft Lumia 950 Code.


Moto X Unlock Code

Things You Need To Know About the Moto X

The Moto X has been on the market for some time now and it has certainly taken the mobile market by storm. When you look into this phone you will find that there are two options for you to choose from. There is the 16GB version and there is also the 32GB version as well. Of course, by choosing the bigger phone, you bump up the price but at least you won’t need to worry about losing your photos and your videos just because your phone doesn’t have anywhere to store them. Another thing that you should know about this phone is that you can also choose from a wood and leather backing. This turns a seemingly simple phone into an incredibly stylish design, however again, this bumps up the price so if you are on a budget then you may not be able to get this phone looking as good as it could.

Of course, the Android Lollypop came out with the Nexus 6 and this was unleashed after the Moto X however that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get the upgrade. If you want the leather version but something that is the same price but with the upgrade already then you may want to consider investing in the Nexus 6 instead, because this has a bigger screen and the camera has something which is called optical image stabilisation as well, so there are plenty of benefits available. With a dual front facing speaker and a much bigger battery, it is a great phone overall but if you are just planning on going for the cheaper Moto X without the leather then you should probably stick with this for the sake of the price because in this instance, the Nexus would be more expensive.

Moto X Unlock Code




An Insight into the Battery Life of the ZTE ZMAX

Buying a new phone is never an easy task. After all, there are so many phones out there to choose from and sometimes you might feel as though they are all shouting options and features at you and you just don’t have time to process the information when it’s on paper. That is why we have compiled this useful guide for you so you can buy a phone that is right for you as well as knowing exactly what to expect when yours gets delivered.

The ZTE ZMAX Battery

Android phones have always been better when it comes to battery life and the main benefit is that you can replace them over time. The problem with the ZTE ZMAX is that you can’t remove the battery at all, in fact, if you do, you’ll probably break your brand new phone. This isn’t really an issue though, because you won’t ever need to remove the battery because it’s THAT good. It can last for hours on end without needing charge and it is great if you don’t want to have to find your charger after the end of every day.

So now you know what this phone is like with day to day usage, it’s time to move on to the high performance settings. The truth is that even when this phone is on high performance, you can still get a fair amount of battery out of it; in fact, you can even watch a full movie without having to worry too much so this really is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing this phone. Why don’t you take a look for yourself today to find out more? You won’t regret it and this phone really is one of the best on the market.


Get a free ZTE ZMAX unlock code by completing any TrialPay offer.  Quickly and easily unlock the ZTE ZMAX via IMEI unlock code.



HTC One M8 IMEI Unlock Code

HTC One M8 IMEI Unlock Code

Need to unlock the HTC One M8?  You can permanently unlock your One M8 by using an HTC IMEI unlock code.  Prefer not to pay for it and want a free unlock code?  You can do that and get a free IMEI unlock by completing any TrialPay offer – some of which are free trials!

The Upgrades That Come With the HTC One M8

If you want to buy a phone that won’t let you down then it is safe to say that the HTC One M8 is the right choice for you. Of course, like all phones on the market, you don’t want to have the same design as everyone else and it does help to know that you can somewhat customise your purchase. That’s exactly what you can do with the HTC One M8, so why don’t you take a look below to find out more.


The HTC One M8 comes in three colours. The main one is gunmetal gray and this looks like the original HTC One. You can also choose a shade called Arctic Silver and Amber Gold, which is just about as vivid as the Galaxy S5. The colour of the phone will also change what metal your phone is made out of as well, so if you like the colour of one phone, you can also feel assured that your texture will be unique as well. For example, the grey version has a hairline technique, while the others have an anodised texture that is quite similar to the HTC One.

The M8 also solves a major problem that was present in the first HTC phone. It has a micro SD slot for your memory card and this sits on the edge of the phone. This can be popped out of place and this also makes sure that you can upgrade your memory without having to go for the bigger phone. They have also made a move from the micro sim card to the nano sim card, which is a little controversial but still, if it means that they can add more features to the phone in general then it is clearly well worth it.



LG L90 IMEI Unlock

Comparing the Camera of the LG L90 to the Apple iPhone 5

Everyone is more than aware about the buzz of the latest iPhone but if you’re on a budget, you might not be able to go out and purchase it right from the get-go. For that reason, you may be looking for a more affordable alternative and the LG L90 is a great example. In this post, we’re going to compare the LG L90 with the Apple iPhone 5 to see the camera capabilities and what you should know before you go out and make your purchase.

The LG L90 VS Apple iPhone 5 Comparison

When you put a picture from the LG L90 next to a photo taken with an Apple iPhone 5, you can see some differences. You will notice that the photo taken from the LG L90 is brighter when the photo is taken under direct sunlight. This is brilliant because it means that you can really get the colours to come through. When the same photo is taken with the Apple phone however you may notice that the photos are in fact, darker. This isn’t really a problem but when compared, the LG L90 is certainly better for taking outdoor shots.  As for the zooming capabilities, the LG L90 is certainly the better option again because it doesn’t lose the sharpness as much, however this is a very small amount and you may not actually be able to notice the difference at a glance.

LG L90 IMEI Unlock

So overall, the photographing capabilities of the LG L90 are very good when compared to other phones in the same price bracket and it is certainly worth the buy so why don’t you give it a go for yourself today by sampling the photos that it can take as well as comparing them to your existing phone.



Huawei Nexus 6P Unlock Code

How to unlock Huawei Nexus 6P


A Look into the Design of the Huawei Nexus 6P

In this post, we will discuss the Huawei Nexus 6P and the various design aspects that make it so unique. Take the speakers for example. When you take the stereo speakers out of the equation, you’ll find that there are plenty of sensors and a front facing 8MP camera.  You will also find that the phone has an RGB notification which is in the form of a light at the top of the phone and if you wanted, you could use an app to change the colour of the LED. You will also find that because this phone has been designed by Google, that all of the buttons are on the screen so this is very convenient when compared to other phones that are on the market at the moment.

When you take a look at the other side of the 6P, you will find a hump which is used to house the camera. The “hump” has tinted glass and in this glass, you will find a 12MP camera. This camera also has a dual flash system and an autofocus module as well so this makes the whole phone, very appealing. Under this section, you will also find a microphone however this is mostly used for noise cancellation when you are on the phone. It can also be used to help you record sound when you are taking a video.

On the front top and bottom, you will find a bezel and two stereo speakers. Even though these do take up quite a bit of room, they are very thin which means that you can make room for the other components that this great phone has to offer. Even though this is the case, the bezels are a little big but they are still smaller than the ones on the previous model so a little change can certainly go a long way.

As you can see, the design of the Huawei Nexus 6P is fully intended to house the amazing features that this phone has to offer and that is one of the many reasons why people continue to choose this phone over others that are on the market.




Unlock HTC One A9

How Does The New HTC One A9 Compare To The Previously Released Apple iPhone 6?

Apple just released its newest iPhone the Apple iPhone 6 and soon the new HTC One A9 will make its debut in November 2015. The two phones at first glance are strikingly similar. Many critics have claimed the new HTC One A9 copies a number of the feature available on the Apple iPhone 6 and others say that Apple copied most of its designs and features from the previous HTC One M9. Both the HTC One A9 and Apple iPhone 6 have a lot to offer users and here we will quickly point out the similarities and difference with the two phones.

Similarities To The Apple iPhone 6:

The HTC One A9 and the new Apple iPhone 6 both come in the same color variations such as gold/champagne, dark gray and silver. The HTC One A9 also is available in a new vibrant red color as well which the Apple iPhone 6 is not available in.

The design of both the Apple iPhone 6 and HTC One A9 both display their own logos centered on the back of the phones. Both are centered and placed in the same positions.

Both phones incorporate a glass screen that slightly curves down the sides of the phone’s casing.

Compared to the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone the resolutions are the same at 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Unlock HTC One A9

Differences Between the HTC One A9 and the Apple iPhone 6:

One major noticeable difference between the Apple iPhone 6 and the new upcoming HTC One A9 it the price. The cost of an HTC One A9 is close to $250 less than the Apple iPhone 6 making it significantly cheaper but also offering the close to the same functions and features.

Compared to the 4.7inch Apple iPhone 6 the HTC One A9 offers a higher resolution at 1920 X 1080 pixels.

The camera on the HTC One A9 is centered on the back of the phone placing it in a more convenient position for properly centering images. The Apple iPhone 6 leaves its rear facing camera slightly off to the left of the phone.

Although both phones offer some of the same colors the HTC One A9 actually offers five total. The HTC One A9 offers a bold red color and a vibrant green color that you can choose from while Apple only offers the same dark gray, silver or gold colors.

HTC One A9 users can benefit from the new Android Marshmallow which allows for quick and convenient updating. Marshmallow also gives users some key functioning improvements that you will not readily find on any other phone such as the now on tap feature and the app standby function.

HTC One A9 also of course comes already loaded with all the necessary Google apps as most of the HTC phones do.

The battery life on the HTC One A9 does fall short than that of the Apple iPhone 6 but most HTC phones tend to have this problem. While compared to previous HTC models the battery life is significantly improved it still does not outlast many of its competitors including the Apple iPhone.

Whichever phone you choose, either the HTC One A9 or the Apple iPhone 6, you will find little to be disappointed with. Both have sleek new designs and can run at the same speeds. What it may all come down to is personal preference of whether you like all the Google based apps and functions or you like the Apple features better. If those do not make a difference to you than the price surely will. You can pay more for the Apple iPhone 6 or pay less for the HTC One A9 that functions and performs at the same level.


Nexus 5X Unlock Code


The newest addition to the LG Android family the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P both have a variety of features that make each device unique. When it comes down to the choosing between the two it is really just personal preference and not because one outperforms the other. But, before you even narrow the two down to possibilities for your next smartphone purchase or upgrade there are some key items you may want to know before bringing them home.

Some Distinguishing Feature About The Nexus 5X And 6P:

Both phones are playing homage to the predecessors motorola phones by having an option to use an LED or or Ambient display to notify you of new messages or alerts. You can set up the LED or ambient light notification for missed calls, text messages, social media updates and a number of other options.

Both phones now offer a new quick camera access feature. By double tapping the power button on the phones, whether the display is on or not, will quickly bring up your phone’s camera app.

Fingerprinting sensors are conveniently located on the back of the phones directly where you index finger would rest. Fingerprint sensors are becoming a common feature among many smartphones this year and the Nexus 5X and 6P both offer the sensor.

Nexus 5X Unlock Code

The Nexus 5X and 6P implement the new USB Type C charging port. This may not seem like a significant feature and currently may seem inconvenient but many new release that will be coming in the the next year will all begin to feature this charging port and it will soon be the standard for all Android phones. The Nexus 5X and 6P are simply one of the first phones to feature this type of charging port.

Both the 5X and 6P Nexus have super charge capabilities. The Nexus 5X can be quickly charged in ten minutes for up to four hours of battery life and the Nexus 6P can be charged for ten minutes for up to seven additional hours of battery life.

Because of the new type C charging ports and the quick charge capabilities on both phones neither are compatible for wireless charging.

Both the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P offer a number of new features that make these phone unique amongst many of the newly released smartphones hitting the market. One of the biggest down falls to the phones is the battery life. Once again the battery life of both Nexus phones seem to fall way short than many of the competing phones being sold. The quick charging option does seem to make up for it but that can still lead to a lot of inconvenience if you need to continuously quick charge your phone to make it last through the day.