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  1. kadz26b says:

    sim unlock my pantech P7040p plz help!! my IMEI: 01298900668123305 from philippines..

  2. Ollie Cox says:

    I have a Pantech P7040P with IMEI: 012989000734806 it is set up for AT&T and I want to use it for T-MOBILE. SKU# 65295, FCC ID: JYPC7040, S/N 114601890439. Not a E-Bay purchase. I got it from a yard sale.

  3. Ollie Cox says:

    I have a Pantech P7040P that I had with AT&T and now I have went to T-Mobile. I woluld like to change the phone to T-Mobile.
    FCC ID: JYCP7040 IMEI: 012989000734806 S/N: 114601890439 SKU: 65295
    top right says: H/W V1.0
    I need everything to do, on what to do and how, and unlock code, yes I am a disabled VietNam Veteran so I do move slow with damaged brain, thank you.

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